Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Drive-In

When I was a kid, back in good ol'  19...[mumbles into hand].  We had a blast going to the drive-in movies.  I remember going with my mom and dad, brother and sister.  Dad would stop and pick up a bag of burgers and fries, some rootbeer, and a couple of tall foil bags of popcorn. 
We'd usually go for a double feature and somewhere toward the beginning of the second movie, I'd start getting sleepy.  Something so relaxing about being out in the open air, under the stars, with people you love, eating and watching movies....


  1. Our family did that too! As I got a little older, I thought I was too cool to sit in the car with Mom and the boys so I would go up and sit on the benches they had in front of the concession stand. Oh what happy memories you have invoked with this post!

  2. Ah...the concession stand. Those bright lights were so alluring. My sister would have been there with you. I remember begging Dad for ice cream and then wanting to play at the little playground they had....Sometimes, I'd give just about anything to go back there.