Saturday, June 23, 2012

Superhighway Family Road Trip

Summertime.... The kids are out of school making it the perfect time to load the whole tribe into the Queen Family Truckster and head across country....Ya know, this might make a good movie.  Wait a sec, I think it's been done. 

Anyway, it has been family tradition to head out onto the old open road for a couple of weeks each summer.  So, in keeping with that tradition, I will be taking a little trip down the Information Superhighway to the kitschy Land of Yesterday.  It's a long journey.  Seems even longer with that smell coming from the back seat. 
Are we there yet?
Quiet down, kids!  Don't make me pull over.
In the coming posts we will be visiting some great roadside destinations--Some from the past, some that probably should be passed....It'll be fun.  Don't worry about seat belts, kids.  Besides, I'd have to dig them out of the seat crack and I can't waste that kind of time.

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