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This Day In Recent History ~ 7/25 ~ Famous Birthdays

This Day In Recent History ~ July 25th

1952 - Puerto Rico became a self-governing commonwealth of the U.S.
1955 - Newsweek runs an article about Disneyland titled, "Spectacular Plus." It reports, "California has never seen anything like it..."
1959 - The Ernest S. Marsh locomotive (Engine No. 4) takes its first inaugural run around Disneyland at the hands of Chief Engineer, Walt Disney.

disneyland train

1962 - The Elvis Presley film "Kid Galahad" premiered.
1965 - Bob Dylan appeared on stage at the Newport Jazz Festival with an electric guitar. It was his first non-acoustic set.
1966 - In San Francisco, CA, the Rolling Stones performed their last U.S. concert with Brian Jones.
1967 - The Beatles and other U.K. rock groups urged the British government to legalize marijuana. Their comments were made in a London Times advertisement signed by all four of the Beatles.
1969 - Neil Young made his first appearance with Crosby, Stills and Nash.
1970 - Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" was released.
1971 - The Beach Boys released their album "Surf's Up."

1975 - "A Chorus Line" debuted on Broadway. The show closed in 1990 after 6,137 performances.
1978 - Louise Joy Brown, the first test-tube baby, was born in Oldham, England. She had been conceived through in-vitro fertilization.
1978 - Pete Rose (Cincinnati Red) broke the National League record for consecutive base hits as he got a hit in 38 straight games.
1980 - KISS introduced their new drummer, Eric Carr, at a concert at the Paladium in New York City.
1984 - Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space. She was aboard the orbiting space station Salyut 7.
1987 - The Salt Lake City Trappers set a professional baseball record as the team won its 29th game in a row. (Utah)
1990 - Rosanne Barr sang the National Anthem in San Diego before a Padres baseball game. She was booed for her performance.

1994 - Israel and Jordan formally ended the state of war that had existed between them since 1948.
1997 - K.R. Narayanan became India's president. He was the first member of the Dalits caste to do so.
1998 - The USS Harry S. Truman was commissioned and put into service by the U.S. Navy.
1999 - Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France. He was only the second American to win the race.
2008 - Disney Legend Harriet Burns, the first woman ever hired by Walt Disney Imagineering
in a creative rather than an office capacity, passes away at age 79 in California.


Thomas Eakins 1844
Morris Raphel Cohen 1880
Walter Brennan 1894
Eric Hoffer 1902
Jack Gilford 1907
Estelle Getty 1924
Stanley Dancer 1927
Don Ellis 1934
Barbara Harris 1935
John Pennel 1940
Manuel Charlton (Nazareth) 1941
Janet Margolin 1943
Jim McCarty (Yardbirds) 1943
Donna Theodore 1945
Verdine White (Earth, Wind & Fire) 1951
Walter Payton (NFL) 1954
Iman 1955
Ray Billingsley 1957
Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) 1958
Marty Brown 1965
Illeana Douglas 1965
Matt LeBlanc 1967 - Actor ("Friends")
Brad Renfro 1982

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