Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16


1903 - Morgan Conway, actor (Dick Tracy)is born.
1910 - Barney Oldfield uses a Benz to break the existing records at Daytona Beach Road Course (131.25mph)
1911 - Motion-picture designer and Disney Legend Harper Goff, who collaborated with Walt Disney on Disneyland's design, is born in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He was also the art director on Willy Wonk and The Chocolate Factory.
1912 - Patricia Nixon, [Thelma Catherine], Ely Nevada, 1st lady (1968-74) is born.
1912 - Mrs William Howard Taft plants 1st cherry tree in Wash DC
1920 - 1 Acre Park also known as Baby Park in the Bronx renamed Melrose Park
1926 - Jerry Lewis, [Levitch], comedian/fund raiser (Lewis and Martin, MDA) is born
1930 - USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) floated out to become a national shrine
1934 – Disney wins Oscar for short subject cartoon,  The Three Little Pigs at the 6th annual Academy Awards
1939 - Germany occupies Czechoslovakia
1941 - National Gallery of Art opens in Wash DC
1942 - Fats Waller recorded "The Jitterbug Waltz" in New York.
1945 - Allies secure Iwo Jima
1945 - W├╝rzburg, Germany is 90% destroyed, with 5,000 dead, in only 20 minutes by British bombers.
1946 - Erik Estrada, NYC, actor (CHiPs, Cross & Switchblade, Lightblast)
1954 – Nancy Wilson, singer, songwriter (Heart) is born
1961 - Disney's comedy, The Absent-Minded Professor, starring Fred MacMurray is released.
1963 - "Puff The Magic Dragon" was released by Peter, Paul and Mary.
1964 - Capitol released the Beatles "Can't Buy Me Love" backed with "You Can't Do That."
1966 - Gemini 8 launched with Armstrong & Scott, aborted after 6.5 orbits
 1966 - Man From Uncle star David McCallum receives huge welcome in London
1968 - Robert Kennedy announces presidential campaign
1968 - General Motors produces its 100 millionth automobile, the Oldsmobile Toronado.
1971 - 13th Grammy Awards: Bridge over Troubled Water, Carpenters win
1972 - John & Yoko are served with deportation papers
1974 - 1st performance at new Grand Ole Opry House at Opryland in Nashville
1979 - CBS-TV airs "Wings Over the World" with Paul McCartney
1980 - The first closed captioned television series were broadcasted. The shows were The ABC Sunday Night Movie (ABC), The Wonderful World of Disney (NBC) and Masterpiece Theatre (PBS).
1983 - Arthur Godfrey, TV host (Arthur Godrey Show), dies at 79

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