Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab

This one is stashed in our, "What were they thinking?" Department.
In 1950-51, A.C. Gilbert made available once and for all, his U-238 Atomic Energy Lab. Gilbert, had a dream that nuclear power could capture the imaginati...ons of children everywhere. The price was a little steep for 1950. However, for $49.50, the kit came complete with three “very low-level” radioactive sources, a Geiger-Mueller radiation counter, a Wilson Cloud Chamber (to see paths of alpha particles), a Spinthariscope (to see “live” radioactive disintegration), four samples of Uranium-bearing ores, and an Electroscope to measure radioactivity. Wow! The fun just never stops!


 But wait! There's more.... Had you purchased this exciting kit, the possible health risks notwithstanding, you would have been making an excellent financial investment as these kits now fetch 100 times their original asking price.

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