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1859 - Daniel Emmett introduces "I Wish I was in Dixie’s Land." About two years later the song will become the Civil War song of the Confederacy.
1862 - Battle of Yorktown (of US Civil War) begins.
1865 - Lee's army arrives at Amelia Courthouse.
1895 - Arthur Murray, NYC, dancer (Arthur Murray Dance Party) (d. 1991) is born.

Arthur Murray

1896 - Announcement of Gold in Yukon.
1911 - Hugh Chalmers, automaker, suggests idea of baseball MVP.
1913 - Muddy Waters, [McKinley Morganfield], American blues guitarist (Hoochie Coochie Man) is born.

Muddy Waters

1916 - US Senate agrees (82-6) to participate in WW I.
1916 - David White, actor (Larry Tate-Bewitched) is born.

David White as Larry Tate on Bewitched

1926 - Greek dictator Theodorus Pangalos elected president
1926 - Cloris Leachman, Des Moines Iowa, actress (Phyllis, High Anxiety) is born.

Cloris Leachman

1928 - Maya Angelou, [Marguerite Johnson], St Louis, poet/actress (Nyo-Roots) is born.

Maya Angelou

1929 - "New Moon" musical opens in London.
1932 - George Bernard Shaw's "Too True to be Good," premieres in NYC.
1932 - Vitamin C 1st isolated, CC King, Univ of Pittsburgh.
1932 - Clive Davis, American record producer, is born.
1932 - Anthony Perkins, NYC, actor (Psycho, Fear Strikes Out, Pretty Poison) is born.

Anthony Perkins

1938 - After seven years of singing on the radio, Kate Smith begins a new noontime talk show.
1938 - Michael Parks, Corona California, actor (Then Came Bronson) is born.
1939 - Glenn Miller records his theme song, "Moonlight Serenade."

Glenn Miller, Moonlight Serenade

1944 - Craig T. Nelson, Spokane, Wash, actor (Poltergeist, Hayden Fox-Coach, Disney’s The Incredibles) is born.

Craig T. Nelson

1945 - US forces liberated the Nazi death camp Ohrdruf in Germany
1945 - US tanks/infantry conquer Bielefeld
1945 - Caroline McWilliams, Seattle Wash, actress (Sally-Soap, Marcy-Benson) is born.

Caroline McWilliams

1945 - Walter Charles, East Strousberg PA, actor (Fletch Lives, Weeds) is born.
1948 - Berry Oakley, Chicago Ill, rocker (Allman Brothers-Ramblin' Man) is born.
1948 - Pick Withers, rocker (Dire Straits) is born.
1950 - Christine Lahti, Detroit, actress (Harvey Korman Show, Swing Shift) is born.
1951 - Steve Gatlin, Olney Tx, country singer (Gatlin Bros-Broken Lady) is born.
1960 - 32nd Academy Awards - "Ben-Hur," Charlton Heston & Simone Signoret win.

Ben-Hur movie trailer

1959 - Buddy Holly's "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" hits #13. It is his first posthumous hit.
1960 - Elvis Presley records "Are You Lonesome Tonight."
1964 - The Beatles make music history by holding the top five places in the singles charts with: "Can't Buy Me Love," "Twist and Shout," "She Loves You," "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Please Please Me."

The Beatles sing, Can't Buy Me Love

1964 - Robbie Rist, California, actor (Oliver-Brady Bunch) is born.

Robbie Rist as Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch

1965 - Robert Downey Jr, NYC, actor, (Chaplin, Ironman) is born.

Robert Downey Jr. as Chaplin

1966 - Nancy McKeon, Westbury NY, actress (Jo Polniazek-Facts of Life) is born.

Nancy McKeon as Jo on Facts of Life

1968 - Apollo 6 launched atop Saturn V; unmanned
1968 - Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee

Martin Luther King Jr.

1968 - James Brown makes a national TV appeal for calm following the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
1970 - Janis Joplin holds a reunion concert with Big Brother & the Holding Company in San Francisco, CA.
1971 - "Follies" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 524 performances.
1974 - Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth's home-run record by hitting his 714th.

Hank Aaron

1975 - Steve Miller is arrested for burning his girlfriend's clothes.
1975 - Microsoft is founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
1979 - Heath Ledger, Australian/American Actor. (d.2008) is born.

Heath Ledger, The Patriot

1981 - Henry Cisneros becomes 1st Mexican-American mayor (San Antonio)
1981 - The documentary film "This is Elvis" premiers at the USA Film Festival in Dallas, TX.
1983 - 6th space shuttle mission, Challenger 1 launched.
1983 - Gloria Swanson, dies of a heart ailment at 84.

Gloria Swanson

1990 - "Marshall Chronicles" premieres on ABC-TV.
1990 - Gloria Estefan released from hospital after her accident.
1991 - Jamie Lynn Spears, American actress, is born.

Jamie Spears, Disney's, Zoey 101

1992 - Jury deliberations begin in Noriega case.
1994 - Tony Curtis undergoes heart-bypass surgery
2008 - The raid on the FLDS owned ranch called the YFZ Ranch in Texas, 401 children were taken into custody. 133 woman were taken into state custody also, the total number of woman and children is 534.

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