Monday, June 22, 2015

The Ice Cream Man

When I was a kid I thought that driving an ice cream truck would be such a "cool" job.  I mean, after all, to us kids, and some adults, he was the most popular guy on the block.  We would hear the ringing of his bell or the sound of that ice cream truck music playing from blocks away.  Every kid playing out in their front yards would run inside to ask for some ice cream money.  How much do you remember paying for a popsicle, bar or cone?  I remember it being a dime, at one point in my life.  If I got back outside and he had passed by my house already, I would chase him down--waving my arms and hollering as loud as I could.  That was fairly remarkable since I was a naturally shy kid.  But, yes, it was that important....

Good Humor Ice Cream truck and kids

Good Humor was, and still is, a very popular brand of ice cream.  Although they are certainly not the only brand out there, it would be hard to argue with how legendary the brand is.  Here's an excerpt from the Good Humor website about their history: 
"Our delicious history started in 1920 in Youngstown, Ohio, when confectioner Harry Burt created a chocolate coating compatible with ice cream. His daughter was the first to try it. Her verdict? It tasted great, but was too messy to eat.
Burt’s son suggested freezing the sticks used for their Jolly Boy Suckers (Burt’s earlier invention) into the ice cream to make a handle and things took off from there.
The Good Humor name came from the belief that a person’s "humor", or temperament, was related to the humor of the palate (a.k.a., your "sense of taste"). And we still believe in great-tasting, quality products.
Soon after the Good Humor bar was created, Burt outfitted a fleet of twelve street vending trucks with freezers and bells from which to sell his creation. The first set of bells came from his son’s bobsled. Good Humor bars have since been sold out of everything from tricycles to push carts to trucks."~

Enjoy some of these other nostalgic images of those fun and fantastic ice cream summers.....


Mr. Whippy Ice Cream Truck


Swell Time Ice Cream


Lyon's Maid Ice Cream Truck

Blue Bell Ice Cream Menu

Wurster Dairy Co, Ann Arbor
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