Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home of the Future

A retro futuristic look at the homes :
A retro futuristic view of houses and home life to the mid-century imagination.
What strikes me in most of the mid-century futuristic images is that of plenty of living space, peacefulness, contentment, and a touch of familiarity.  They are optimistic visions for the future.  Yes, lots of people.  But, one could still have a private domain. 

Tomorrowland was the home of this house of the future.  1957-1967
This was the "Monsanto House of the Future" which was built in 1957 as a part of Disneyland's Tomorrow Land.  It remained in Disneyland until 1967.

All of these images and lots more are contained in our video:  Home of the Future
Watch "Home of the Future"

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