Friday, August 3, 2012

Vault Disney

The Mickey Mouse Watch is introduced at a cost of $3.25

The Mickey Mouse Watch was introduced by the Ingersoll-Waterbury Clock Company of Waterbury, Connecticut.  The company’s financial condition was unstable, yet the Mickey Mouse watch was offered at the high cost of $3.25, or about $52.00 in today’s money.  Still, the response to the watch was somewhat favorable, even at that price.  However, the market improved when Ingersoll-Waterbury reduced the price to $2.95. 

In fact, the watch did well enough for Ingersoll-Waterbury that it is credited with helping to keep the company afloat during the Depression. Ingersoll-Waterbury became “Timex” in the 1960s, continuing to produce Mickey and Minnie Mouse watches. 

Other companies have since become involved in making Mickey Mouse watches including Seiko, Fossil, Colibri, and Disney Time Works.

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